Labosport, founded by Dominique Boisnard in 1993, has always been driven by innovation, safety, and high standards. Our goal is to work in all sports and on all existing surfaces, expanding our geographic presence while constantly pushing the boundaries through innovation. We aim to enhance our work in sports infrastructure and equipment, develop our brands, and introduce new technologies and practices. Our values of excellence, integrity, and rigor form the foundation of a positive work culture where we care for and empower our employees. As a sustainable company, we strive to become the leading consulting, testing, and training organization in all aspects of sports flooring, sports infrastructure, and sports equipment. Across various brands and regions, we are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to our customers and stakeholders, upholding our values and commitments.

By having ESG as a fixed part of our business model, we reduce risks, drive long-term value creation, and promote sustainability.


  • Commitment to Innovation, Safety, and High Standards
  • Expansion of Geographic Presence with Continuous Innovation
  • Development of Sports Infrastructure and Equipment
  • Promotion of Positive Work Culture Upholding Values of Excellence, Integrity, and Rigor
  • Aims to Become the Leading Organization in Sports Flooring, Infrastructure, and Equipment


  • Testing and Consultation for Sports Surfaces
  • Multidisciplinary Team with Expertise in Chemistry, Engineering, Agronomy, Instrumentation, and Material Science
  • Trusted Partner for Planning, Construction, Maintenance, and Management of Sports Surfaces
  • Focus on Safety, Performance, Durability, and Sustainability
  • Investments in Research and Innovation for Accurate Evaluation of Sports Surfaces
  • Accredited by Various Organizations for Testing and Certification of Sports Surfaces