Benefit from long experience: Founded over 25 years ago as LSG Hygiene Institute GmbH (LHI), a subsidiary of Lufthansa Service Holding AG (LSG), our company was part of TÜV SÜD for many years, under the name TÜV SÜD Food Safety Institute GmbH (FSI) since July 2013. Since November 2021, FSI has been a company of CERTANIA Holding and has given itself a new name as part of its realignment and further growth: FSI Health & Safety GmbH.

The aim and self-commitment of FSI Health & Safety GmbH is to guarantee health, (food) safety, and product quality based on established and self-developed standards. The company turned 25 years old on February 28, 2021.



Managing Director

Stefan Maisack

Director Business Development & Sales

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