We provide certainty
through testing, inspecting, certifying, and researching.


CERTANIA is a globally operating group with a presence on six continents. Together, we engage in the challenges of our century. As a TIC company, we contribute to solving health and sustainability issues by reliably testing and certifying products, processes, and innovations. Join us in discovering the diverse possibilities for a better and sustainable future.

What we do


We contribute to two life issues: Health and sustainability.

Central topic Health

Food & Environment

Our Food & Environment cluster focuses on ensuring the safety and quality of food and the environment. We offer a wide range of TIC services (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) to help our clients meet the highest standards in their respective fields. Our services include microbiological and chemical analysis as well as inspections in the context of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) to ensure that the food is safe and meets the required standards. We also provide environmental testing and inspections to ensure that our clients comply with environmental regulations and best practices.


Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences business division focuses on research for pharmaceuticals and medical products, as well as diagnostics in healthcare. Our partners have been active in their research areas for many years and enjoy an excellent reputation characterized by the highest scientific standards and at the same time comprehensive knowledge of international requirements in this highly regulated environment. Decades of work in the respective research and service areas necessitates extensive networking into industry, authorities, and universities. International requirements of the regulatory environment of the EU, FDA, and ICH as well as national specifics, for example from ANVISA, TGA, and PMDA, shape the daily work of the partner companies.


Central topic Sustainability

ESG Advice + Analytics

Our ESG consulting and analytics within our Competence Cluster for Sustainability provide companies with the tools and expertise they need to improve their environmental, social, and governance performance. We specialize in delivering integrated TIC services (Testing, Inspection and Certification) that help businesses understand their ESG performance and convey it to stakeholders.



Our Verification & Certification competence centre within our Sustainability competence cluster specialises in providing TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) services to ensure the compliance of products and services. We offer a wide range of services in diverse sectors such as water, environment, energy and building services.


Materials + Structures

Our Materials & Structures area within our Sustainability competence cluster specializes in providing TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) services for materials and structures. We have a wide range of expertise in areas such as material testing, environmental consulting, measurement and calibration, metallography, failure analysis, and chemical analysis. We also offer testing, certification, and expert opinions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects.


Who we are


Health and sustainability are inseparable. At CERTANIA, we work to ensure that the conditions for these two essential life themes are created.

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Partner since 2023

CERTURIA is a nationwide operating, accredited certification body that specializes in the approval of training providers and measures according to the law of employment promotion (AZAV).

The team consists exclusively of former specialists and managers from the training provider landscape, who have extensive expertise and a profound understanding of the requirements and challenges of customers.

This makes CERTURIA the ideal certification partner for small to medium-sized education providers, supporting them in the constantly changing education landscape and successfully guiding them through the certification process.

CERTURIA stands for future-oriented corporate management and is increasingly focusing on the digitalization of certification processes in order to increase efficiency and customer friendliness.




Partner since 2024

Triskelion, a Contract Research Organization based in The Netherlands, specializes in pharmaceutical, food, feed, and (agro)chemical testing and consultancy. With over 40 years of expertise in advanced analytical services like nutrient analysis, contaminant analysis, biopharma analysis, and emergency response services, the company is market-leader in combining state-of-the-art analytical capability with regulatory consultancy services. 

Triskelion is committed to innovation and quality, offering tailored solutions for complex and evolving challenges related to safety & quality regulations.




Partner since 2022

ÖHMI offers a unique range of testing and service services in the fields of laboratory analytics, quality assurance, process management, auditing and certification of management systems as well as building services around the topics of quality, safety, health, and environmental protection (QSHE).

ÖHMI Analytik, as an internationally active company, carries out chemical and microbiological analyses of any matrices and offers a comprehensive range of service services. As an accredited and independent testing laboratory (food laboratory, drinking water laboratory, and environmental laboratory), ÖHMI ensures the highest quality, timely and precise results, as well as professional advice from highly qualified staff. Through the reliability and accuracy of the data delivered, we create certainty for our customers to assess risks appropriately and meet the growing quality and safety standards of the market. ÖHMI Analytik combines high professional competence, state-of-the-art technology, high-quality standards, and individual customer service. The range of testing and service services is complemented by the accredited certification body ÖHMI EuroCert with focuses in the areas of quality, safety, IT, energy, environmental and occupational safety. The expertise of ÖHMI EuroCert includes regional, national, and international auditing and certification of management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001/ SCC, ISO 50001, and ISO 27001 as well as certifications according to AZAV, EfbV, GMP+, REDcert, and IT security catalog according to §11 paragraph 1a of the EnWG. The range of testing and service services from ÖHMI is rounded off by individual infrastructural service concepts for building services from ÖHMI Service.




Partner since 2023

Labosport, founded by Dominique Boisnard in 1993, has always been driven by innovation, safety, and high standards. Our goal is to work in all sports and on all existing surfaces, expanding our geographic presence while constantly pushing the boundaries through innovation. We aim to enhance our work in sports infrastructure and equipment, develop our brands, and introduce new technologies and practices. Our values of excellence, integrity, and rigor form the foundation of a positive work culture where we care for and empower our employees. As a sustainable company, we strive to become the leading consulting, testing, and training organization in all aspects of sports flooring, sports infrastructure, and sports equipment. Across various brands and regions, we are committed to delivering services of the highest quality to our customers and stakeholders, upholding our values and commitments.




Partner since 2021

ELAB Analytik is a partner in all questions related to food and water hygiene and Medical Lab services.

The current ELAB Analytik GmbH has existed since the company was founded in 1994 as the "Institute for Environmental Analysis and Quality Assurance according to International standards" (ELAB GmbH) based in the Siegen Technology Park as an independent service provider for a wide variety of laboratory analyses.

The company initially emerged from a merger of the Siegen-Wittgenstein County Examination Office with the Environmental Test Field until it was incorporated into the Deutsche Lufthansa Group in 1999 as LSG-ELAB GmbH, where it gained comprehensive expertise in the areas of community catering and catering in the following years.

From 2005, "ELAB" belonged to TÜV SÜD and, as a TÜV SÜD Group company, established a new business area of analyses in the context of driving license assessments, in addition to the fields of activity that had always existed in the areas of food and water analysis.

With over 30 years of expertise, the company has been one of the first central elements of the newly formed CERTANIA Holding GmbH group of companies since November 2021.




Partner since 2024

SPC Werkstofflabor GmbH is a Germany-based service partner for material testing and damage analysis. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Westhausen, Germany, SPC has emerged as a leading industrial testing provider serving various industries, including foundry technology, machinery and vehicle construction, shipbuilding, agricultural technology, reactor construction and steel construction.

SPC's core competencies lie in destructive (DT) and non-destructive testing (NDT) and damage analysis, complemented by advanced metallography, material analysis methods, and precision mechanical engineering. Their in-house laboratory facilitates the production of samples, testing, and comprehensive reporting.

With a strong focus on service excellence, SPC actively engages with professional associations to ensure continuous collaboration and learning. The company holds necessary accreditations for destructive testing methods and expects accreditation for non-destructive testing methods soon. Their commitment to customer relationships is reflected in an average tenure of 5–15 years.




Partner since 2023

Fiatec is a globally recognized and independent specialist in aerosol filtration. With an extensive testing portfolio ranging from the smallest pipette tip filters to cabin air filters and gas turbine filters, our services cover a diverse range of filtration needs. We also conduct testing on complete devices such as air purifiers or vacuum cleaners, evaluating their particle separation efficiency or the adsorption capacities of their filter elements with active carbon. Our broad customer base includes companies of all sizes, spanning from the automotive industry to cleanroom technology and the testing of everyday devices. This clientele continues to grow, serving as evidence of the quality of our conducted analyses. Fiatec also holds the exclusive distribution rights for ISO 12103-1 test dusts and similar products across Europe and beyond.




Partner since 2021

Benefit from long experience: Founded over 25 years ago as LSG Hygiene Institute GmbH (LHI), a subsidiary of Lufthansa Service Holding AG (LSG), our company was part of TÜV SÜD for many years, under the name TÜV SÜD Food Safety Institute GmbH (FSI) since July 2013. Since November 2021, FSI has been a company of CERTANIA Holding and has given itself a new name as part of its realignment and further growth: FSI Health & Safety GmbH.

The aim and self-commitment of FSI Health & Safety GmbH is to guarantee health, (food) safety, and product quality based on established and self-developed standards. The company turned 25 years old on February 28, 2021.



KOTTER Consulting Engineers

Partner since 2023

Technology in its application, must be simple and easy to understand. In order to achieve that, the physical and technical relationships involved are usually far more complex. Nonetheless, the desire to solve any problems with an uncomplicated approach is sometimes great. However, it cannot often be fulfilled.

Highest technical understanding and experience are needed instead. KÖTTER Consulting Engineers can offer both. We are a specialized and independent engineering company. Since 1978 we have been finding solutions for particularly difficult problems across the entire spectrum of sound and vibration engineering




Partner Since 2022

GBD is an internationally operating company that, as a virological scientific institute, specializes in the production of customized quality control samples for virus diagnostics and other areas of laboratory diagnostics. The focus is on the production of control samples for virus immunology and virus genome detection.

The samples can be used for external and internal quality control according to customer requirements. They are produced according to the current state of science and technology and adapted to the respective clinical and epidemiological situations. In order to specifically promote quality, GBD produces the samples in close consultation with the customer and with great technical expertise and care.

GBD's concern is to contribute to the continuous improvement and standardization of laboratory diagnostics and thus increase the safety of patient care.




Partner since 2021

SocraMetrics is entirely devoted to your data – from electronic and manual data collection to the establishment and validation of databases, to evaluation. Our own EDC systems, eCRF, and eDIARY / ePRO solutions are highly flexible and can be adapted quickly and efficiently to your research project. Data integrity is practiced in IT in our company, up to full compliance with CFR 21 Part 11.

Our specialists in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluations, together with our biostatisticians, accompany your research projects from the start to readiness for approval. Our own programming group allows for state-of-the-art EDC solutions based on the GAMP-5 principles and ensures customized solutions.

SocraMetrics was spun off from SocraTec R&D in 2007, with the aim of establishing an independent, digitally focused data management company that has strictly followed the principles of CDISC and CFR 21 Part 11 and - in the area of programming - GAMP-5 from the outset. This culture shapes our entire way of working. An experienced team of biostatisticians, pharmacokineticists, data managers, data typists, and programmers develops high-quality, tailored solutions.





Dinox GmbH is based in Berlin and has an experienced team dedicated to women's health. The focus is on the female subjects.

Dinox is geared to the logistical challenge of a large number of female subjects who require cycle-dependent (up to daily) transvaginal ultrasound examinations (TVUS) with frequent blood sampling, e.g., to assess follicular growth.

Dinox has been involved in the development of numerous drugs in the context of female fertility for 30 years. The indications for treatment include

  • Contraception (various forms of application, hormonal mono- and combination therapy)
  • Endometriosis therapy
  • Fertility therapy
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Sexology

The focus is on proof-of-concept and dose-finding studies.
Many of the studies conducted by dinox were and are a successful piece of the puzzle on the way to the approval of investigational medicinal products, which are now on the market as successful branded drugs.

dinox trademark

Dinox is known for its excellent data quality, which is due to a highly qualified and experienced team of dedicated in-house gynecologists and an established quality management system. The study staff consists exclusively of medical professionals who are trained according to ICH-GCP and SOP and are specialized in conducting clinical studies in the field of gynaecological endocrinology. An investigator is available around the clock to deal with any health problems the participants may have. Dinox also stands for excellent sample quality, the process organization is managed by experienced laboratory technicians and sample storage is monitored electronically and with alarms (24/7). 

Dinox has developed an excellent recruitment system, enabling studies to be carried out within the agreed timelines. The premises in Berlin city center, close to the Charité Hospital and the Humboldt University, offer the subjects an easily accessible study center with a familiar atmosphere and the metropolis of Berlin is an inexhaustible pool of new prospective participants, also for special populations. Management, project management and study staff together form an effective team that flexibly meets the challenges and demands of clients and sponsors.

dinox range of services

The reliable performance of outpatient studies with exceptionally high-quality standards! This includes:

  • -    Phase I: pharmacokinetic single and multiple dose studies with and without pharmacodynamic tests, interaction studies
  • Phase II: Proof-of-concept: e.g. ovulation inhibition, ovarian stimulation, sexual function
  • Phase III: large on-site studies: e.g., Pearl Index, cycle monitoring and metabolic studies (haemostasis, carbohydrates and lipids)
  • Phase IV: post-approval monitoring and comparative studies".




Partner since 2024

Relibell is a Germany-based service provider for the certification of plants for renewable energy such as wind, photovoltaic (PV), biogas, and hydropower. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Erfurt, Germany, Relibell has emerged as an expert and trusted partner serving operators, builders, planners and suppliers of renewable energy plants with compliance certification before being connected to the grid.

Relibell’s core competencies are issuing plant certification types A, B, and C, as well as the EZA declarations of conformity. The company has accumulated over a short period of time a significant amount of experience and customers, and is preparing to certify power generating units soon.

In the context of Germany's ambitious targets for the share of renewable energies (80% by 2030), Relibell sees itself as an indispensable and reliable force in the fight against climate change and was accredited as a certification body by the DAkkS in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 in 2020.





We are a comprehensive material technology provider for the manufacturing industry. 3,000 metal and plastic processing customers use our laboratories and workshops to ensure the quality of products and processes. And our experts develop innovations and analyze damage at a high level. Our expertise has grown over 40 years with 20,000 reports and covers the main disciplines of metals, plastics, composites, inorganics, and explosives.

Our accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 ensures robust reports. Our methods include computed tomography, metallography, hardness testing, LIM, REM, spark OES, EDX, DSC, TGA, FTIR, tensile testing, bending testing, impact testing, xenon chamber, temperature shock, salt spray chamber, stone impact testing, scratch resistance, colorfastness testing, gas analysis, catalysis, NDT, explosives laboratory, electronics, prototype construction, sample production, gas & dust emissions, ParticleCheck, technical center, and several more.



Partner since 2023

IFU-CERT is a certification body that covers all major management system certifications and, more recently, a selection of sustainability certifications. IFU-CERT is currently seeking accreditation as a verification body for Carbon Footprint Services (CCF, PCF, Carbon Neutrality) and for European and national emissions trading. IFU "Institut für Umwelttechnik" is known as an environmental verifier organization with extensive expertise in environmental law reports, EMAS validations and a profound focus on sustainability issues. Our team in Hanover currently consists of 22 permanent employees and around 40 auditors and environmental experts as freelancers. We serve almost all industries and have extensive expertise in aviation, utilities, renewable energy, biomass and agriculture, public authorities and universities, to name but a few. Our significant growth areas include sustainable certifications, CO-2 related verification services (2024), information security and energy efficiency.


SGI Compliance

Partner since 2023

At SGI Compliance, we're more than just risk and compliance solution providers - we're your partners in creating a safer and more secure future. With a history that spans more than three decades, our journey began in 1985 with the founding of Fibrecount, a pioneering laboratory specializing in asbestos testing. As our operations expanded, our commitment to excellence and innovation propelled us forward, leading to our evolution into a European industry leader.

The foundation of SGI Compliance was laid in 2019 with the acquisition of Shield Group International from KIWA (now known as KIWA Compliance). But our story goes beyond corporate milestones. It is a story of dedication, expertise and a relentless pursuit of the well-being of individuals, businesses and the environment.

Our evolution has been marked by strategic acquisitions and a relentless focus on staying at the forefront of industry-wide advances. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to partnership and collaboration. We believe that by understanding your unique needs and challenges, we can deliver tailored solutions that not only meet compliance requirements, but also contribute to your growth and success.

As a pan-European provider of risk and compliance services, our expertise spans a wide range of areas, including water hygiene, hazardous substances, fire protection and related health and safety services. Our interdisciplinary teams bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions that address complex regulatory frameworks.




Partner since 2021

SocraTec R&D is a full-service CRO (Contract Research Organisation) in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Our own Phase-I/II Units, along with our project management and monitoring teams, allow us to conduct clinical research from the first application in humans, through proof-of-concept in the patient population, to efficacy proof in the late stages of clinical testing.

Our experienced specialists develop your approval and study designs, plan and realize your clinical trials, and accompany you scientifically and technically from drug form and device development to the approved product.

SocraTec R&D was founded in 1998 and has from the outset been characterized by a high demand for quality and science. Because of an intense exchange with regulatory authorities worldwide, targeted solutions for the approval processes of our customers are possible. An experienced team of project managers, monitors, auditors, trial doctors, study nurses, and medical writers with high regulatory, medical and pharmaceutical competence, along with an efficient organizational infrastructure, support our customers in the realization of their research projects.




Partner since 2023

natureOffice is a leading company that specializes in comprehensive climate protection solutions for businesses. Their diverse range of services includes developing effective CO2 reduction strategies, precise calculation and analysis of CO2 footprints, promoting energy efficiency measures, and training and raising awareness among employees in the field of climate protection.

The experiences and expertise gained by NatureOffice GmbH over 15 years are integrated into powerful software solutions that assist customers in optimizing their CO2 accounting, reporting, and climate communication. natureOffice's primary goal is to support companies on their long-term journey toward climate protection and enable them to make sustainable progress.

Additionally, natureOffice actively promotes climate protection and social engagement in emerging countries. Through a climate protection project they have initiated, they are turning the vision of a sustainable future into reality.





The DFGE - Institute for Energy, Ecology, and Economy - was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich and provides answers to questions about ecological sustainability, energy efficiency, international standards, and climate protection.

DFGE offers companies consulting, software, and auditing services to realize a green vision and integrate it into business processes. The core business is dealing with the question of whether and above all how a meaningful combination of ecology and economy can be achieved.

The portfolio of DFGE Sustainability Intelligence includes solutions for CO2 management (greenhouse gas balances), creation of company-wide carbon footprints as well as product eco-balances/LCAs, and support in international rankings and reportings such as the UN Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), EcoVadis, or the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The goal of DFGE solutions is to provide companies with a Sustainability Intelligence platform through accurate calculations, transparent reporting, and integration into existing environmental systems, which helps manage information about greenhouse gas emissions and other values, but more importantly, helps reduce them sustainably.

More and more customers trust DFGE when it comes to holistically integrating the topic of sustainability into their company and meeting company-wide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements.


What we do


The requirements for a suitable ESG/TIC partner are complex. We bundle competences to provide holistic solutions for our customers.