natureOffice is a leading company that specializes in comprehensive climate protection solutions for businesses. Their diverse range of services includes developing effective CO2 reduction strategies, precise calculation and analysis of CO2 footprints, promoting energy efficiency measures, and training and raising awareness among employees in the field of climate protection.

The experiences and expertise gained by NatureOffice GmbH over 15 years are integrated into powerful software solutions that assist customers in optimizing their CO2 accounting, reporting, and climate communication. natureOffice's primary goal is to support companies on their long-term journey toward climate protection and enable them to make sustainable progress.

Additionally, natureOffice actively promotes climate protection and social engagement in emerging countries. Through a climate protection project they have initiated, they are turning the vision of a sustainable future into reality.



Managing Director


Managing Director


  • We inform you comprehensively and transparently
  • We always point out to companies the importance of avoiding and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pointing the way and informing about possibilities for CO2 - reduction
  • We calculate CO2 - emissions close to reality because it is not only the quality of the allowances that are used to compensate that is crucial, but also the level of emissions to be compensated
  • We provide as much information on the offered climate protection projects as possible so that you can see the quality criteria
  • We design and operate our own, certified climate protection projects ourselves, i.a. in Africa and South America, combined with regional involvement in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and are therefore not only resellers of CO2 - certificates, but experts in quality climate protection projects!


With the experience of more than 10 years we offer you following carbon management and carbon offsetting services:

  • Carbon neutral printing: Get involved conveniantly in climate protection and create added value for print shops, customers, the climate and the people.
  • Carbon neutral company: Generate a positive effect for the climate and your image with your individual climate protection solution.
  • Carbon neutral products: Increase the value of your product and stand out from the market with reflected awareness.
  • Carbon neutral shipping: send´n´save - the solution from one of the leading bsp´s, for offsetting CO2-emissions occuring by shipping letters and parcels.
  • Carbon neutral mobility: Cars, trucks, aviation, rail, shipping – climate killer mobility. Now you can drive carbon neutral with a clear conscience!
  • Carbon neutral website: Run your website carbon neutral by avoiding CO2-emissions of internet usage. The easiest way of true climate protection.
  • Carbon neutral moves: Carbon neutral removals are very inexpensive and definitely good for the climate.
  • Carbon neutral events: Carbon neutral events are announced and an easy step towards more sustainability in your company.